Call for participation: Sustainable Energy in Practice Workshop 17-21 August 2015 in Brusturoasa Village


INFORSE – Europe Seminar, 17-21 August 2015
Sustainable Energy in Practice Workshop
in Brusturoasa Village,
Bacău County, Romania


This year the INFORSE – Europe Seminar will be held in Romania, August 17-21.

Join the enthousiasts! INFORSE – Europe, Ecoact (GE) and Prietenii Pamantului (RO) propose the practical workshop Sustainable Energy in Practice. The programme is centered on practical activities addressing climate change and poverty issues. Organisers prepare the following workshops:

Do-It-Yourself Project to Make:

  • Solar dryer for fruits and vegetables (wood frame and plastic cover)
  • Solar water heater (wood frame and glass)
  • Solar cooker
  • Thermal cooking bag (sewn from cloth and filled with sheep’s wool).

Workshop on Waste Water: Safe Sanitary Solutions

  • Learn how to install a composting toilet, which can separate urine and faeces for use as fertilizers and which will not pollute the groundwater.

Workshop on EU Ecodesign: Efficient Lighting 

  • Measure the energy use of different light bulbs and LED lights.
  • Learn about the NGO Coolproducts Campaign to influence the EU rules on how much energy household equipment should use and how they should be labelled in the shops.
  • Learn how much energy and money you and your community can save with energy efficiency.

For more information see flyer: (155KB)

Organisers believe that small scale renewable energy is not only a sustainable way to improve living conditions in rural areas but can be a way of stimulating rural people to build-up energy communities.

Seminar products: Specific DIY handbooks, better knowledge about EU energy policy, networking among INFORSE members and not only.

Your participation will help Earth Friends to promote NGO initiatives on energy issues and the voluntary work in Romania and in the region. Taking part in this workshop will provide you with a real contact with the local culture of this area, enjoying the spirit of the community, getting to exchange ideas with people with different background, working in a team.

Venue: New Center built by the Romanian NGO Earth Friends in Brusturoasa village, Carpathian mountains, Romania.

Location Brusturoasa commune is located in the wonderful eastern slopes of Eastern Romanian Carpathians, in Bacau County, Moldavian region, at 85 km of the Bacau city, the most important in the area and, at 25 km North of Comanesti or 55 Km on the national road DN12A.

The workcamp location, Trotuş valley, Bacău County, Romania

It is formed of small villages scattered in the mountains, at altitudes starting from 650 m to 1000 m, along the Trotus river valley. Follow the link:

How to get there & Transport By slow trains: in Brusturoasa, Comanesti or Ghimes railway stations; by minibuses from Bucuresti, Bacau, Miercurea Ciuc or Tg. Mureș to Comănești and then taking a slow train or another minibus. For more information about the means of transport, contact organisers with indication about the direction you are coming from.

Please ask organisers for information about local public transport. Relevant information is not always available on internet. The organisers can arrange the pick up at the closest bus or railway stations.

Language The working language is English.

How to get registered If you have finally decided to take part in this enriching experience, we would like you to write a short letter explaining your interest in this seminar and a short description of your background. The candidates are asked to send also a recent picture and a brief presentation of themselves for the seminar brochure. Dead-line: 1 June

Applications must be sent to e-mail:

Duration The workshop will be held on the week of 17-21 August. The possibility to volunteer one-two days before and/or after the seminar for helping local team in organizing should be informed to and agreed upon in advance with the local organisers.

Accommodation will be provided at the center (rooms with 2-3 beds; on matras in a large room; in tents, in the centre’s yard; in dryed hay in centre’s barn) or in local peoples’ houses, depending on preferences and prices afforded by participants. For those hosted by locals, the facilities are simple: there are toilets outside the house and no running water inside the house, but the centre provides some solar showers.

Food We encourage a cultural exchange of gastronomic traditions. Main products would be bought from local people, meals vegetarian-oriented (but not exclusively), respecting Slow Food philosophy and Slow Food Climate Change Manifesto. If there are any food restrictions, we want to be announced in due time.

Free time activities will offer the opportunity to see the real life of the villagers. The activities can be: taking part in community events, organising an open day at the Center, harvest helping, trips to the mountains or mountain sheep folds. For those willing to visit some cultural sites in North Moldavia or Transylvania before or after the workshop, the organisers can provide directions for tourist visits (monasteries in Neamt county, bath resorts in Transylvania, salt mine between Comanesti and Onesti).

Insurance Non-Romanian citizens enrolled in this workcamp need to have TRAVEL INSURANCE with them.

Costs:The costs for 5 days seminar including accommodation and food is 250 EUR/person. People willing to sleep in tents or hay can save 20 – 30 Eur. Organisers can provide limited support for participants from Central Eastern Europe Countries and Former Yougoslavian Countries.

Conditions for application, selection criteria and communication of acceptance

Registration to the Seminar: Dead-line: 1 June. Candidates must write a short letter explaining her/his interest in this seminar, and her/his demand of support if the case, based on actual sustainable transport prices. The candidates are asked to also send a recent picture and a brief presentation of themselves for the seminar brochure.

Applications evaluation: 1 June – 10 June. The Selection will be done by Ecoact, INFORSE and PP according to following criteria: participants’ motivation, participants’ capacity of dissemination of workshop learnings, support of the organization/community they represent, participants’ financial contribution, balanced gender, balanced geographical distribution.

Communication of the acceptance – 12 June. PP will send an Acceptance letter only to accepted candidates. INFORSE Europe is responsible for the Board participation.

Contact: Ion Zamfir E-mail: or

Prietenii Pamantului (Earth Friends)

Landline phone: + 40 234 381000

Mobile phone: + 40 745 075151